Oatmeal is here to stay!

We love Oatmeal! You love Oatmeal! It's hot and healthy and you can mix in lots of toppings. Here at Pleasant Pops we've always sold Oatmeal on weekends at our Adams Morgan store...but we had many requests for Oatmeal on weekdays and at our downtown location. We are proud to announce that we are now serving Oatmeal every day at both of our shops. Also it's Gluten Free. Come on by and try some with organic cane sugar (included) or add in dried cranberries, chocolate chips or almond slices for just 50 cents each.

EverBar-Fresh out of Olney, MD

Here at Pleasant Pops, we love supporting local producers in the DC area and we love working with other small food startups that have similar stories to ours. We love the story of EverBar out of Olney, Maryland and we are excited to share it with you today.

EverBar was created as an all natural vegan and gluten free granola bar with wholesome ingredients. EverBars’ main ingredient has always been hemp but it comes in four delicious flavors: Green Power, Blueberry Cashew, Almond Cranberry and Cinnamon Ginger. It is the brainchild of  Alex Abdalla and Kevin Saliba and started out in 2013 largely peddled at local rock climbing gyms around DC. It’s been a pleasure working with Alex for the past 3 years and we’ve been carrying EverBars since 2013 at our Adams Morgan shop and starting carrying EverBars this past summer at our Downtown shop.

This week we’ll be giving out samples of EverBars at both of our shops so come by and try some!

Start your new year right

It's the New Year and that means resolutions and folks going to the gym and doing cleanses and eating healthy. Here at Pleasant Pops, we're all about healthy and eating great stuff year round. Our menus are local, our pops, syrups, sandwiches, salads and soup are all 100% made from scratch at our Adams Morgan shop. 

This week in honor of the New Year- we are featuring 2 of our most awesome suppliers here on the blog: Misfit Juicery and Fruitcycle. Both Misfit and Fruitcycle are both healthy but they are also social businesses working to reduce food waste. 

Misfit makes cold press juices from "ugly fruit." Through a partnership with Baldor Specialty foods- they take seconds of bruised fruit that people won't buy and food scraps and make it into wholesome, awesome juice.

Flavors change seasonally and their bottles feature work by local artists that also changes seasonally. Current flavors include Strawberry, Asian Pear, Lemon, Ginger and Carrot, Turmeric, Apple, Lemon. We sell Misfit Juices at both of our locations.

Fruitcycle is a social enterprise that makes delicious, healthy, locally sourced snacks. The also use "ugly fruit and veggies" and provide jobs for women who have been formerly incarcerated, homeless, or are otherwise disadvantaged. A trip to a local orchard, where thousands of pounds of fruit were going to waste, led to Fruitcycle’s creation. Fruitcycle makes apple chips and kale chips that we sell at both of our locations.

Come visit us this New Year and try both of these great local products made right here in Washington, DC!