Pops for all seasons!

At Pleasant Pops we like to keep things as local as we can. While some of our most popular pop flavors include ingredients that we can't source locally--we have yet to find pineapples or mangoes growing in the area--it's important to us that we are as seasonal and local as possible. One of the signs that spring has arrived and summer is just around the corner is the arrival of berry flavored pops. With fresh, local berries and a few other local ingredients we can make seasonal favorites such as Strawberry Rhubarb and Blueberry Pancake.

A variety of tasty Pleasant Pops. (Photo: Dave Cooper)

A variety of tasty Pleasant Pops. (Photo: Dave Cooper)

Summers in DC can be unbearable at times with intense heat and humidity. But it is my favorite time of the year because it means fresh fruits are finally in season! The heat of the summer brings with it fresh peaches and melons which become some of my favorite pop flavors: watermelon mint and peach hibiscus. Nothing cools you down like a juicy and refreshing ice pop.

As summer turns into fall and the temperatures begin to cool we  introduce our seasonal autumn pops using apples and pumpkins. Another of my favorite flavors is Honeycrisp Apple which is based on an applesauce recipe from Roger's mom and reminds me of going apple picking as a kid. Pumpkin is ubiquitous during the fall, especially as it gets closer to Thanksgiving, but our Pumpkin Pie pop stands out even in a crowded field. Unlike actual pumpkin pie, our pop tastes great without whip cream.

Though winter doesn't yield much in terms of fresh pop ingredients (admittedly we haven't tried to make a kale pop yet) we still have many of our favorites available. Coconut, chongos, vegan mexican chocolate, strawberry ginger lemonade, and cookies and cream are always on our menu and are the perfect treat to perk you up a bit during the doldrums of winter.

While the same can't be said for all of our ingredients, pops are always in season at Pleasant Pops!  -Vickie Kreha