Experimental Pops!

Everyone has their favorites. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether Strawberry Ginger Lemonade is the “best selling Pop” because it naturally is or because we tell people it is so then they want to try in, in turn making it the most popular. One of life’s greatest mysteries. I think it makes perfect sense that it would be the number-one seller; with a balance of sweet and tart, the brightness of the strawberries and the kick of the lemon really combine to make a flavor you want to savor, where each bite (or lick) is as refreshing as the last. However, for those of you who enjoy switching it up, especially in the summer when every evening feels like a great opportunity for a Pop, we’ve fallen into a bout of experimentation. Though some have failed the taste test, I think we’ve found some real winners. 

First up is the Cardamon Coconut Pop, a twist on the original, and ever-popular, Coconut Pop. Inspired by one of Pleasant Pop’s resident baristas Vickie, this Pop has been selling like crazy since hitting the menu board 24 hours ago. The Cardamon Coconut Pop is totally dairy free, but with it’s coconut milk base it’s still very rich and creamy. The cardamon adds some spice and depth to the base of coconut, leaving the Pop with a robust flavor. If you’re into Thai Iced Tea, or Vietnamese Iced Coffee, or anything delicious, you should try this Pop as soon as possible. 

Our next new Pop is a seasonal treat: Apricot Hibiscus. To be honest, this pop was created accidentally, when we blended what appeared to be tiny peaches with homemade hibiscus juice to remake the Peach Hibiscus Pop we’ve loved all summer long. But alas, what we thought were peaches were truly apricots, and this mighty pop was born. Apricot flavor is one of the best tastes to savor throughout a pop experience: naturally sweet and slightly tart. The hibiscus flowers add a nice tanginess to the apricot, leaving a juicy pop I highly recommend. 

There are a few limited edition batches of experimental flavors that should be popping up on the menu in the next few weeks. Blueberry Lavender Lemon, my brain child, is very floral upon first taste. But I like that. The three flavor all come across equally, allowing you to go from sweet to tart to floral in each bite. Another version, the Blueberry Lemon Thyme has an herbaceous undertone that brings a whole new flavor profile to the table. Both are bright purple and extremely refreshing. Once they hit the menu board I’m sure they won’t last long, so make sure to check in often and grab one while you can!