Puppy Pops!

Sometimes after a long day pouring lattes, dressing salads and hand polishing spoons (that’s right, we DO hand polish our silver wear, that was certainly not a lie), the best way for me to end my day is sitting on my back porch. In Mount Pleasant, my porch looks over an alleyway. It’s certainly not that scenic, but when the sun is setting and my roommates are slowly strolling home from work, being settled into a comfy chair outside with a good book and a soda-streamed soda in hand is the perfect way to end my day. Oftentimes I’ll put on music, some Songza “back-porch-Americana” station, though lately the oddest, most thrilling thing has been happening. If I’m really quiet, and there aren’t too many horns honking, I can actually hear the lion from the National Zoo roaring. Seriously. I can hear a lion’s roar on my back porch. And it’s amazing. I’ve realized that hanging out with a lion in person, tussling his mane and petting his paws, is pretty unlikely, and so I’ve resolved myself to a life without much lion interaction by knowing I’ll always, ALWAYS be able to play around with a dog. Henceforth, the Puppy Pop contest at Pleasant Pops was born. I don’t get enough puppy time these days at home, and so I want to see all of your puppies being adorable. Thanks.

If you haven’t read the signs, seen the Instagram posts, or heard the buzz around the shop, August is officially Puppy Pop month at Pleasant Pops. When we first opened the shop nearly two years ago, we knew being puppy friendly was a must; a water bowl wasn’t enough, we wanted our dog customers to enjoy a Pop alongside their human companions. The Puppy Pop is a simple treat, peanut butter and water, but frozen into a shape that really suites a dog tongue well. Dogs of all shapes and sizes (and ages, don’t let the term “puppy” discourage you) LOVE these Pops year round, during an evening walk, before a quite day inside and especially after a bath at the groomers. These Puppy Pops were made for tail-wagging. 


The contest is simple: take a picture of your puppy (or dog, pooch, soft-friend, whatever term you choose to use) enjoying a Pleasant Pops Puppy Pop and post it on Instagram using the hashtag #pleasantpups and tagging yourself @pleasantpops. Easy. At the end of the month the entire staff will choose their favorite picture, thinking about cuteness, how many “likes” the picture has and, simply, how much it looks like the puppy is enjoying his/her Pop. One winner will be chosen and that dog will win FREE Puppy Pops! So far there are nearly 50 pictures of amazingly sweet, goofy puppies being treated to Puppy Pops on Instagram (check ‘em out now!). There’s a week and a half left to snap a photo and post it, so make sure you get your #pleasantpups ‘gram up soon! (Special thanks to @jeandc @alanfitts @lissa_ryan for their puppy pics!)