Kinderhook Snacks

By Emily Platt

You know Roger, right? He’s one of Pleasant Pop’s co-founders and co-owners, a man about town with a million things on his to-do list, but always ready to stop for a quick chat. Those of you that know Roger are aware that he got married last fall, worked tirelessly on the Obama campaign and drives a pick-up truck when not biking. But I bet most of you didn’t know that Roger’s favorite snack (other than pops, obviously) is a mix of goldfish and m&m’s. Seriously. Something about the salty/sweet combo. I get it. Well, this snack combo inspired a heated debate among the Pleasant Pops team, a question which I’m sure you’ve asked yourself many times. When push comes to shove, which do you prefer, Goldfish or Cheese-Its? I, proudly, stood alone on my side of the vote, a Cheese-It fan since childhood. And so you can imagine my glee when, just over a month ago, we started carrying the Baked Cheese Stamps from Kinderhook, a deliciously updated version of those very snacks.

Kinderhook is a young company based out of Baltimore which prides itself on not simply supporting, but totally encouraging, snacking. Using their favorite cookbooks and food blogs, the two women behind Kinderhook have updated old family recipes to create innovative sweet and savory treats, always served in snackable portions. As their company quickly grows, now selling their products throughout Baltimore and the DC metro area, they have maintained their personal connection to each product they sell, working tirelessly to perfect a recipe before putting it out into the world. With many delicious options to choose from, we at Pleasant Pops have happily settled on a collection of four to sell in our shop: Baked Cheese Stamps, Coconut Honey Macaroons, Orange Tarragon Almonds and Rosemary Brown Sugar Walnuts. Yum.

The macaroons, sold in packs of six, are perfectly sweet and practically addictive. Plus, as a gluten-free snack they aim to please almost any audience. As far as roasted nuts go, the almonds and walnuts offer very different, but equally satisfying, taste profiles. The walnuts are candied in brown sugar, tossed with sesame seeds, rosemary and dried figs. The almonds, my personal favorite, brings a unique flavor combination of fresh tarragon, orange zest, black pepper and just a dash of fennel seed. Finally, the beloved Baked Cheese Stamps are amazing and always the first item to sell out. Though I have yet to try them mixed in a bowl with m&m’s I'm totally confident they’d be delicious paired with any other snack out there.