Exit Interview With Caroline

By Emily Platt

You know you’re really friends with someone when you go lipstick shopping together. I  mean it. It’s hard to judge what color truly looks nice with your complexion, which one you’ll actually wear, so you need someone with you who’s not only honest, but has a keen eye for color, and knows your personal style. I have been lucky enough to find that person in my coworker Caroline, who, after almost two years, has decided to leave Pleasant Pops to pursue her photograph background. I’m pretty bummed, but so excited for her and what lies ahead. Before she pours her last latte and mixes her last sprout salad, let’s take a look inside our silliest barista, the one with the funkiest handwriting, and most stellar makeup collection we know. 

What’s your favorite drink while working:
It’s a close tie between water and a small latte in a paper cup. If I'm thirsty, I usually drink water. If I want to live on the edge a little, I opt for the small latte.

What’s your favorite Pleasant Pops meal:
My favorite meal...I think my absolute favorite meal would be a ciabatta crust with butter and honey. Toasted, or not.

What’s your favorite Pop:
My pop of choice would be Blackberries & Cream, omg. But also coconut. Yummers in my tummers.

Favorite music to put on in the cafe:
I don't have a favorite playlist, usually just listen to Justin Timberlake or Bruno Mars. But I usually work with Aaron and he chooses the playlist. He won't let me choose the playlist. Jk.

What’s your favorite part about opening the store (aka being there at 7 am):
Fav. opening task is seeing my happy, sleepy coworkers.

After all this time, any favorite customers:
Absolutely. Jack, the dog.

What will you miss most about working at Pleasant Pops:
I'll miss my friends and being insanely weird with them. And free coffee.

What’s next for you:
Next chapter in my life, I will have my eyes glued to a camera, starting my photography business with a close friend of mine.

We’ll miss you Caroline! Good luck and make sure you stop by ALL the time.