Whisked Pie

By Emily Platt

You know those moments when you're craving something delicious, something so scrumptious it could erase all the gunk of a crappy day? Whether it's because the weather has just dropped 40 degrees in 6 hours, or you're running late for a Passover Seder only to realize the matzo meal you bought isn't technically "kosher for Passover" and all you want to feel better is a little treat? And then that fatal decision comes, always a toughie: salty or sweet? Well, folks, the solution is clear. You can indeed have them both, that is, when you pick up a pack of Salty Oatmeal cookies baked perfectly by Whisked!, a local DC bakery. 

Almost 3 years ago, Jenna Huntsberger made her first appearance at the 14th & U st. farmers market in DC, carting along with her homemade pies, cookies and other scrumptious treats. Always a creative baker, Jenna worked many years as a food blogger before realizing her true passion was in the kitchen. Upon deciding to transition her life towards a full career in baking, Jenna learned how important using local ingredients, maintaining excellent customer service and always thinking creatively were to her and would be for her business. Whisked!'s popularity has grown miraculously over the last 3 years as Jenna has perfected recipes for pies, quiches and cookies, all brilliantly flavored, balanced and ready for devouring.

At Pleasant Pops, we always look forward to our bi-weekly Whisked! deliveries (which, for the record, Jenna still makes time to do herself, wanting to check in with us and keep her personal touch throughout her business). The pies and quiches are baked in 2 sizes, one to feed 2-4 people (or one very hungry Emily), with the other ready to serve 4-8 people. Using ingredients seasonally, we will see Salted-Carmel-Apple in the fall and Strawberry-Rhubarb in the spring. The Bourbon Pecan pie works in any season and is an absolutely favorite of mine! Not only do we sell whole quiches at Pleasant Pops, but every weekend morning we're proud to now serve warm quiche by the slice, always provided by Whisked and always delicious. I'm a sucker for the Blue Cheese & Caramelized Onion quiche, with the Kale-Pesto-Parmesean as a close second. 

I know, I know, that all sounds amazing enough. But wait. There's more. Whisked! bakes some of the tastiest cookies around. Sold in packs of 6, there are only a few flavors to choose from, but they're all winners. The aforementioned Salty Oatmeal is a customer favorite (always the first to sell out), whereas my personal fave is the Ginger Molasses (I've always been a sucker for sugary ginger treats!). Perhaps the kookiest flavor of all is the Pretzel Cowboy, made with pretzels, oats, cranberries and semi-sweet chocolate chips. For those with a more classic pallet, Jenna's chocolate chip cookies (with both milk and dark chocolate) hit the spot. And finally, the tried and true Milk Chocolate Nutella cookies aim to please. In fact, after a gloomy, blustery and terribly wet day like today, I might just bring a pack home myself (as long as I can hide them long enough from my roommates, that is).