SouperGirl Soup


There are only a few things at Pleasant Pops that leave our market shelves once and return later. Sure there are the 2-packs of Hot Pops which we sell throughout the fall and winter only, and yes certain Capital Kombucha flavors like Cherry Blossom and Peach certainly have their specific selling season. However, for a whole brand to disappear from the market for many months and make as triumphant a comeback as SouperGirl Soups have done is rare. We’re so excited soup season is back (aside from the chilly air, rainy weather and constant sniffles), and know you’ll be happy to see the delicious selection of take-home soups back on our market shelves for the next few months. 

SouperGirl was started a few years when Sara began exploring the importance of eating food that’s produced locally. Having grown up in her mother’s kitchen, Sara was used to eating freshly cooked, all natural food which her mom took great pride in. Though neither her mother nor Sara herself ever had formal culinary training, they both spent enough time working in their own kitchens to begin creating their own amazing recipes. The decision to concentrate solely on making soups was easy for Sara as she explains on her own website: “Eating soup is…the perfect way to easily incorporate healthy eating into your life…It is perfect for any season, any kind of weather, any occasion, and any meal. Soup is the original comfort food.”  Using as many local ingredients as possible, Sara makes soups the old fashioned way, slowly and steadily. 

Amazingly, all of SouperGirl Soups are totally vegan. Some are grain based, others made strictly with herbs and vegetables; some are pureed and almost creamy while others are chunky and stew-like. Since Sara relies on what’s in season, her soup flavors are constantly changing and therefore there’s always a new soup to try out. I’m a huge fan of her Creamy Carrot soup and West African Safari Stew (with sweet potatoes, chickpeas, tomatoes and peanuts)! Working within the vegan diet, Sara has truly become an expert at packing her soups full of protein (using black beans, chickpeas and lentils) and full of flavor (with spices and herbs). Each 16 ounce soup makes for a lovely lunch or dinner appetizer and they freeze exceptionally well if you’re looking to stock up for the colder winter days. Make sure you check in at Pleasant Pops often to see what SouperGirl soup flavors we have available each week!