Trick-or-Treat? Treat Please!

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My favorite costume I ever wore for Halloween was in 4th grade. I went as the color Lime Green; not as a lime, not as a green goblin, not as a granny smith apple. But as the color. It was my favorite color at that point in my childhood and between the lime green terry cloth polo shirt already a part of my wardrobe and the lime green Converse sneakers I insisted on buying, I was good to go. Though it quickly became tiresome to explain my costume to those giving me candy,  (“no, not the fruit, just the color”) I stuck to my guns. Another favorite, from a few years ago, was when I dressed like the solar system (with a disco ball somehow lodged in my hair) and my roommate dressed like a shooting star (see the embarrassing picture below). And, of course, let’s not forget about the costume I wore from age one to, roughly, age eight, when as a Queen I had a crown, wand and very, very glittery gown. Halloween is the best, and our special edition, black & orange Cookies’n’Cream Pops certainly agree. 

Our Pleasant Pops store location, at the corner of Florida Ave. and California St. is a pretty unique spot. We are just a block and half from the very busy section of 18th street which is packed with restaurants, bars and shops. Being in Adams’ Morgan on a Friday night, let alone a Halloween Friday night, is bound to be gaga, though before it gets too dark we expect the sidewalks to be full of kids in costumes. Our corner shop is off from the main drag enough to feel like a true part of the neighborhood and with this geography in mind, we are excited to actively participate in Halloween. On Friday, any Trick-or-Treat’ing kids who comes to Pleasant Pops in costume will receive a FREE pop of their choice! Though this treat may not last long in a pumpkin bucket already full of Snickers and Skittles, it will certainly hit the spot while you’re mid-route. Since we’ve already been asked multiple time to define “kid”, let me just say this decision will lay in the hands of whoever is working at the time. So dress up, dress cleverly, and be ready to defend your costume choices all night long!