Emily's Farewell

Writing a blog entry for the 4th of July on Canada Day seems like a fitting time to declare this my last post. As you, my loyal readers, may have learned by now, I am a proud dual citizen of Canada and the USA and I celebrate their independence days with equal levels of pride. Spending July 1st in DC has me telling everyone about Canada Day (yes, it’s usually celebrated with fireworks and yes we always sing “O Canada”) just as spending July 4th in Canada would have me dressed head-to-toe in blue to add an “American” touch to the red & white of prideful Canadians. When push comes to shove, I love a reason to celebrate, am a sucker for a good hot dog and handful of chips and can’t think of anything more amazing than a night-sky full of fireworks. Top either of those days off with a pop, a perfectly sweet one, a refreshingly tart one or magical combination of the two, and I’d be totally satisfied. This Fourth of July in DC will be wonderful, and it will, sadly, be my last day working in the cafe at Pleasant Pops.

(Side-note: as the woman behind 95% of the pictures for Pleasant Pops, I had to dig deep through the archives to find some pictures of myself at work. So in case you didn't know what I looked like before, you'll certainly know now!)

I joined the Pops team in January 2013 after moving to DC a couple months earlier. With a healthy amount of barista training from previous work in Boston, I learned the Pleasant Pops approach quickly and started slinging cappuccinos and lattes five times a week. Working at Pleasant Pops has been wonderful; I quickly developed genuine friendships with those who were working here already (Hannah, Caroline, Robin, Brian and Roger) and by the time new faces joined the team (Vickie, Luke, Ben, Demitrius and Aaron) I already felt like a veteran. Over my two and a half years at Pleasant Pops many people have come and gone: coworkers have moved away, favorite customers have left for grad school, and one adorable golden retriever puppy has joined her owner by relocating to Paris. It is now time for me to say my goodbyes. 

I will miss many things about working at Pleasant Pops. I will miss the smell of a dozen freshly baked croissants coming out of the oven and the feeling of productivity I have after consolidating 12 boxes of Route 11 chips down to 7 boxes. I’ll miss that rare day when a few grapefruit juices expire and I get to bulk up on my vitamin C and the cute chocolate-y face of a kid after they devour a Cookies & Cream pop. I’ll miss writing these blog posts and drawing silly signs and finding the best Instagram filter to really bring out the beauty of a pop. Most of all, though, I will truly miss working with my friends at Pleasant Pops, an intelligent, hard-working, ambitious, hilarious and understanding group of folks who have helped me learn to love DC and encouraged me to call it home.

And now, a random list of some of my favorite things about Pleasant Pops:

Favorite Pop: Strawberry Rhubarb (followed closely by Vegan Mexican Chocolate…and Orange Chai…and Grapefruit Rosemary…)

Favorite Pop that has yet to exist: Grape Balsamic 

Favorite Lunch: Romesco Cauliflower Sandwich

Favorite Dinner: Grilled cheese (with pickled onions and arugula) and a cup of tomato soup

Favorite Drink to Make: Macchiato

Favorite Drink to Drink: Soy-Dirty-Pumpkin-Chai-Puccino

Favorite Decoration: Custom-made bathroom wallpaper

Favorite Tip Jar: Halloween skull

Favorite Shift: Sunday AM 

Favorite Songza Playlist: “Songs to Raise your Kids To” & “Rich Girl Pop”

Favorite Post-Work Activity: going to Jack Rose

It’s been lovely, it’s been stressful, it’s been tiring, silly, happy, frustrating and rewarding. Happy Post-Canada Day and Pre-Fourth of July. 

And thanks for reading.