The excitement never ends!

Five years ago, when Roger and Brian decided to try their hands at making pops, they knew many hurdles lay ahead of them: how many flavor combinations will actually taste good? What happens when it’s snowing and freezing outside? Will people actually want a pop when they could have a pint of chocolate-fudge-brownie ice cream instead? So many worries, so many risks. Many sleepless nights, broken pop sticks and kinda weird flavors later, Pleasant Pops has opened it’s second store successfully and we want to thank all of you, our loyal customers, friends and family for supporting this business from the beginning. You’d think our peak of excitement would have come a week and half ago, when Pops Downtown officially opened. But no. The excitement keeps on building, especially when I tell you that Coconut Mango Sticky Rice and Blueberry Honey Yogurt pops are being mixed and frozen in the kitchen today!

Blueberry Honey Yogurt is a delicious pop. Using plain yogurt from Pequea Valley (via our friends at Trickling Springs Creamery), we add a bit of sugar, a splash of water, some honey and a bunch of fresh blueberries to make a flavor that is sweet and rich. The blended blueberries turn the plain yogurt into the most magnificent purple pop you’ve ever see, reminiscent of Pantone’s 2014 color of the year, Radiant Orchid. If I could see the world through a single-colored filter, this would be it. As a pop, it’s creamy and smooth, sweet, yet tart, and, to be frank, absolutely beautiful. 

Next, one of the boldest flavors we’ve ever tried out, and one that took many trial rounds to nail down the perfect recipe: Coconut Mango Sticky Rice. You may ask, isn’t it weird having grains of rice in a pop? My answer is, ya, it’s kinda weird. But it’s SO GOOD. First of all, the flavor of the pop itself is divine: coconut milk, some sugar, some vanilla, and so much mango. It’s tropical and satisfying. We cook the rice first in some coconut milk until it’s tender and then slowly add the remaining ingredients, the mango being the final addition. Once it’s poured into the molds and frozen, the rice adds a charming texture to this pop, making it taste dynamic and addictive. If I were you, I’d come by this weekend to try and get your hands on one of these pops. Those who love them, really, really love them and will gobble them up quickly!