Pops Downtown is OPEN

The machines are installed, the staff is trained, the pops are frozen and the croissants are baked: Pleasant Pops Downtown is officially open.

After months of scouting for our second location, planning a beautiful, yet functional, cafe space, hiring and training an enthusiastic staff team and doing just the right amount of decorating, our new cafe has finally opened. When we decided to take over the vacant space on the ground floor of The Woodward Building at 731 15th St., NW, we knew we’d face a few challenges. As the space was much smaller than the Farmhouse Market & Cafe in Adams Morgan, we quickly decided that we’d limit our menu. Though we are unable to provide the same delicious lunch and dinner menu at Pops 2, we are continuing to serve amazing espresso beverages using Ceremony Coffee Roasters, fresh baked pastries every morning from BakeHouse, other treats from local DC producers, and, obviously, a variety of our homemade pops. We see ourselves as an easy place to grab a coffee in the morning, have a latte break in the afternoon, and be self-rewarded with a refreshing pop at the end of your day.

One of the other major changes we faced after deciding on the second space was a split in our staff. Having only one location for the last two and a half years has encouraged a very close group of employees. Many of us have been working at the original Pops for at least a year, if not two or more, and have developed not only a smooth working dynamic but genuine friendships with each other. When Aaron bravely took on the task of managing Pleasant Pops Downtown, and greedily took Ben along with him, our core team faced it’s first split. Their years of experience at Pleasant Pops will inevitably make for an amazing second location, and the opportunity to bring on a new group of staff will absolutely benefit the company. And soon enough we’ll all get together to go mini-golfing or bowling (maybe even a karaoke night?). All the more reason for you to visit both locations now, to check in with all your old barista friends.

We hope you’ll go visit the new cafe soon (insider’s tip: come get a coupon at Pops 1 first to use at Pops 2). Check out the amazing Pop Art by Dave Cooper and the new, limited edition prints by Sarah Robbins. There are some stellar picnic tables outside to gather with your coworkers and talk office-gossip, and a few beautiful marble table tops inside if you’re staying for a cappuccino. It’s really, truly, a beautiful space with an enthusiastic group of staff eager to show you around the space and provide the amazing customer experience you’ve come to expect from Pleasant Pops. See you soon.

      For more, check out this awesome article from the Washington City Paper: http://bit.ly/1FVl6B6      



For more, check out this awesome article from the Washington City Paper: http://bit.ly/1FVl6B6