Julie's Datery

Sometimes, timing is everything. This weekend I’ll be celebrating a “double-whammy” weekend by traveling home to spend mothers’ day with my mom and my dad’s birthday with my dad. We’ll do brunch Sunday morning and birthday cake Sunday night. Just call me daughter-of-the-year.  It’s important to take advantage of these convenient dates, to go all-out when Halloween is on a Friday night and finally appreciate having Mondays off during Game of Thrones season. Perfect dates are rare, they’re amazing, and now at Pleasant Pops you can make any day better with delicious stuffed dates from Julie’s Datery. 


Julie first found inspiration on a trip in the Middle East where she found decadent stuffed dates for sale in a candy shop. Seeing these historically “healthy” snacks being sold among other sweets and fancy treats gave Julie the idea to start making her own stuffed dates. Soon after, while celebrating a friends’ birthday, Julie again experienced stuffed dates and realized she wanted to spread the word of these scrumptious snacks. Julie’s Datery was soon born and Pleasant Pops is proud to now be carrying two flavors: Almond Lemon and Pistachio Orange. 

The Medjool dates are grown in California and in the Middle East and are known for their rich and sweet flavor. Using natural and dairy-free ingredients, each pack comes with 6 plump dates ready to enjoy. The almond-lemon dates are stuffed with roasted almonds, lemon marmalade and “just the right amount of spices”. The pistachio-orange dates contain roasted pistachios, orange marmalade and a few other ingredients. Both are healthy, tasty and addicting. Though they last longer if refrigerated (which is where you can find them at Pleasant Pops), they do just fine if kept at room temperature.