Pop Season

Opening a second store is a lot of work. You’ll be happy to read that we’re mere weeks from opening day, to those early mornings when you can swing by the new cafe at 731 15th street and grab a Hibiscus Iced Coffee or celebrate the end of your day with a Cookies & Cream pop on your walk home. We’ve been busy preparing for the opening, picking out what pastries we’ll be baking every morning, when to open and when to close, even what the decorations in the bathroom should be (obviously the project I’m most excited for). Aaron and Hannah have been interviewing potential baristas and cashiers for the past few weeks trying to build a strong, friendly and energetic team that can reflect the general attitude we’ve developed at Pops 1. Since 2012 when the Pleasant Pops team grew beyond Roger and Brian, the traditional end of an interview has been to give the interviewee a pop of their choice to both thank them for their time and to share with them what makes Pleasant Pops so awesome. After my interview with Hannah more than two years ago I chose a Honey Lavender pop and I was hooked. This pop is creamy, comforting and so freaking delicious. And it’s finally back on the menu. 


The Honey Lavender Pop is made with whole milk from Trickling Springs Creamery (as are all our dairy pops, and lattes, and everything else milk-y). By steeping dried lavender flowers with sugar and honey we make our own lavender syrup. This pop is yummy and soothing, the kind of treat you would have loved when you stayed home from school with a fever and watched Boy Meets World all day.

We have many other pops coming back to our menu board this month since springtime is in full swing and our favorite fruits are back on the vine. Blueberry Pancake, perhaps the most confusing pop we have, is back (and, for the record, contains no actual pancake). This dairy pop is made by blending fresh blueberries with maple syrup and a bit of sugar. To top it all off, we throw some whole blueberries into each pop so add that extra kick of summer. 

In the pop kitchen today we’re whipping up a batch of Black Cherry Yogurt pops which are made using Pequea Valley Farm’s black cherry yogurt. We add some honey and sugar to smooth out the texture, but not too much so as to keep the magical tartness that the yogurt provides. There’s also a batch of Strawberry-Rhubarb pops in the works (OMG), so check back later this week and you could give one a try.