Bjorn's Bakes

My best friend Rachel used to say her favorite color was brown because that was the color of dogs (by “used to” I mean when we were in first grade, both had older brothers and thought it was cool to be clever). She and I both grew up very much as dog people. Though I was always a general lover of animals, dogs were my main game. My family got our first dog, a very high strung, very sweet (but very manic) golden retriever that my brother named Merlin. He was surely sweet, and since I was a minimally responsible child at the time, I had no real grasp on how hard he was to manage. Years later, when I had graduated to being a minimally responsible  pre-teen, we welcomed a new golden into our home, a puppy born on a farm who loved mud. Tobey, who will be 15 “human” years old this June, is soft, sweet, happy and healthy (see pictures below). After getting to know him, countless walks around the neighborhood, hikes in Vermont mountains and swims in local rivers, I think Tobey would be a perfect companion for any life adventure. Similarly, Alex, of Bjorn’s Bakes, felt this level of companionship with her French Bulldog so much so that when she officially launched her gluten-free baked goods company, the name and logo happily honored the pup. 

As one of the newest products offered at Pleasant Pops, the cookies from Bjorn’s Bakes are flying off the shelves. The gluten-free cookies are so freaking good. Alex (and Bjorn) moved to DC in 2010 and quickly became discouraged by the lack of tasty gluten-free treats in this city. She began baking at home, determined to not only satisfy his own craving for yummy (and dietarily appropriate) snacks but to help others enjoy them as well. Once Alex had perfected her recipes, feeling confident with five different flavors, she officially launched Bjorn’s Bakes and began spreading the deliciousness throughout DC. 

The initial collection from Bjorn’s Bakes contains all cookies (which is totally fine by me because they are all so darn yummy!): Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Sea Salt, Pumpkin Spice, Lemon Crinkle & Ginger Molasses. Though we’re only offering the first two flavors right now, which cost $4.25 for a pack of two, we’re excited to poke around with other offerings soon. Whether or not you’re keen on staying away from gluten, these cookies are a true delight and I highly recommend giving them a go.