Quench your thirst

If Pleasant Pops sold pretzels, this is how I would start this blog post: Man, these “insert-cute-homemade-pretzel-company-name-here” pretzels are making me thirsty. Unfortunately, we have yet to find any gourmet pretzels that truly satisfy us (hint, hint DC hipsters looking for a new side project). So until we fulfill the first step of this catch phrase, let’s focus on the second element, which is to say all the amazing thirst-quenching options we do have at Pleasant Pops.

Now that springtime is upon us, we have some of our old favorite cold drinks on the menu, and a few new ones too. Let’s start with the brightest, most fragrant drink on the menu, our Opal Basil Lemonade (OBL, for short). Opal basil is a strain of basil that is naturally dark purple and, when steeped in hot water, leaves a vibrant pink liquid behind. When combined with lemon juice and a bit of sugar, it makes for a perfectly satisfying drink. I usually drink the OBL as an Arnold Palmer by mixing it with our unsweetened black iced tea.

Though we’ve had the Mint Green Iced Tea on the menu for a few months, now is it’s time to truly shine. Using the Moroccan Mint loose leaf tea from Harney & Sons, which is a blend of Gunpowder Green Tea and Peppermint leaves, we sweeten the tea with natural cane sugar and pour it over ice. The flavor is refreshing and crisp and offers a very gentle caffeine boost.

One of the most unique items we’ve ever made, the Hibiscus Iced Coffee, is finally back on the menu too! After steeping hibiscus flowers in hot water and making our own herbal hibiscus tea, we add our 12-hour cold brewed Ethiopian coffee to make this one-of-a-kind drink. Since it’s already sweetened and has so many flavors, we recommend drinking it as it is, without adding any milk or sugar. Since the Ethiopian coffee is a light roast, with fruity notes of strawberries and blueberries, it balances the tartness of the hibiscus tea beautifully. Though the taste is not for everyone, those who like it really like it and have been counting down the days until it reappeared on our menu.

Finally, the newest addition to our coffee menu is our decaf coffee. Until this point, our options for decaf have been limited to espresso drinks: our decaf espresso beans make a great americano or latte, but we never had the ability to pour a simple decaf coffee or iced coffee. All that has changed! 

So go find some pretzels, work up a thirst, and then swing by Pleasant Pops to grab a refreshing drink to celebrate the start of summer.