Goldenberries, yum!

There are endless opinions on what makes a perfect trail mix. My friend Caroline (whom some of your may remember as that feisty blond girl who used to pour a mean cappuccino at Pleasant Pops) swears by the addition of wasabi peas to her gorp. She insists that the gentle spice keeps you reaching in for more. I’ve always been the type to need chocolate in my mix (I won’t pick out the chocolate and leave the rest for the birds, but I think having a morsel of chocolate in each bite really makes it a worthwhile snack). There are endless versions out there: all nuts, too many raisins, “antioxidant” blends and more. You probably didn’t think gorp technology could get any fancier. Well, listen up folks, because have we got a surprise for you: freeze-dried Goldenberries are the best crunchy, tangy, sweet and delicious addition to any trail mix and the newest item on the Pleasant Pops shelves. 

Known as a “natural superfruit,” goldenberries are grown in high-altitude, tropical environments like Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. The berry itself resembles a small, yellow tomato and is grown within a lantern-like papery-shell. Once the berries are extracted, they are freeze-dried in order to retain their numerous nutrients and tangy flavor while adding a crunch (and much longer life-span). Without adding any sugar or preservatives to the snack, the goldenberries contain high levels of fiber, vitamin A and antioxidants and are completely vegan and gluten-free. It’s easy to become hooked on these berries, and knowing that eating one pack is equivalent to eating a half pound of fresh fruit is certainly no deterrent. For $4.00, the goldenberries are worth trying out. Or better yet, stop by Pleasant Pops this Saturday around 3 pm when we’ll be sampling them for free!