Breakfast: the most glorious meal of the day!

The first time I lived “on my own” (out of my parents house, out of a dormitory, with my own kitchen, bills & neighbors to deal with), was in my second year of college. I lived on the second floor of a house in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Though the home was by no means “nice,” it was a perfect spot to try on my “adult” shoes; perfect a recipe for peanut sauce, find enough furniture in the neighborhood to furnish a living room and learn that a chore wheel can actually be helpful. One of the best parts of my home that year was the front porch we had direct access to which faced due west and captured the sunset perfectly. I vowed that year that one day I’d spend time painting/drawing/sculpting sunsets, writing poems about tranquil evenings and choreographing dances to the pinks and purples of a starry sky. Sunsets are amazing, and when they happen at 7, 8, 9 pm during the summer it’s that much more glorious. 

The downside, however, to these late, beautiful sunsets is the 7:12 am sunrises. Fine for all you folks who have “normal” nine-to-five schedules, but kinda cruddy for us baristas. When I walk to work in the morning (which I’ve done every single day I’ve worked at Pleasant Pops) I leave around 6:30 am. When the sun isn’t up yet, it’s rough. I get to work, and have half an hour to set up shop: bake croissants & scones, brew some coffee, make sure things are in tip-top shape and wake-up. Once we flip our open/closed sign, game’s on. You come in, and we burst into service mode. Though we may not serve omelets, pancakes or smoothies, we do have some pretty stellar breakfast choices. Allow me to elaborate…

Option 1: cappuccino & rosemary-chocolate scone (straight outta the oven, so it’s warm and crispy)

Option 2: iced coffee (plenty of room for almond milk), blueberry yogurt parfait (with cranberries), and an apple

Option 3: soy mocha (for here), croissant (with jam), and a cookie (“for later”)

Option 4: non-fat, iced latte (with an extra shot), and a slice of banana bread

Option 5: coffee. That’s it. Large. No-room. Thanks.

Option 6: grapefruit juice, cheddar-chive scone. Because you like lots of flavors and tastes.

There are many, many delicious breakfast choices at Pleasant Pops. And with a smile, giggle, or “Hello” from one of us wide-eyed baristas, we’re always excited to send you off on a “hot-diggity-dog” kinda day!