Pop Personas

After spending a summer afternoon in the pops kitchen, working for eight hours blending peaches and strawberries, peeling hundreds of bananas, steeping chai syrup and brewing double strength cold brew coffee, you start to develop a real connection with our pops. It’s easy to know your favorite pop is Strawberry Ginger Lemonade because it tastes like summer or Vegan Mexican Chocolate because it’s rich, creamy, and perfectly dessert-y. It’s another thing to know that steeping cardamon for an hour to add to a Coconut pop makes the Cardamom Coconut pop slightly different in taste but entirely different in production. When you’ve spent over an hour cutting, coring and extracting the meat of hundreds of avocados to make up a batch of Guac Pops, it’s hard to look at them as simply pops. Naturally, over time, we’ve taken to personifying some of our pops, allowing them to feel less like a simple tasty treat, or an obnoxious endless task, but rather a friend of the Pops family, a long lost uncle back for some summer escapades, a friend from camp who happened to move in next door. 

Mr. Guac Pop: an established fellow, who wears a monocle and top-hat and walks with a cane (less for purpose and more for the prestige a fancy cane suggests). He probably has some kind of accent, perhaps Australian, and prefers tea to coffee. 

Grapefruit Rosemary: quite the young lady. She’s a bit of a flower child, though grew up in a big city and has that urban glow about her. She wears flouncy skirts and big hats even when it’s not sunny out. 

Orange Chai: a book-worm who can usually be seen in a sweater vest and loafers. He’s certainly intelligent having written his master’s thesis on Walt Whitman’s relationship with nature. 

Watermelon Mint: the shy girl with pig-tails who wishes she was better at jump-rope. Her favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz and she knows that when she grows up she’ll name her dog Toto. 

Cucumber Chili: a feisty woman who is as confident walking in heels as she is running in sneakers. The best vacation she ever went on was in Hawaii, where she snorkeled with exotic fish during the day and danced under the moonlight at night.

Pineapple Basil: a hipster in appearance, though not in attitude. Though he wears skinny jeans, concert tees and whatever sneakers are in style, he’s approachable and genuinely interested in what you have to say. He rides his bike to his job at the local brewery where his “going-green” initiatives have been hugely successful. 

It’s fun to imagine what would happen if Orange Chai met Cucumber Chili for a coffee date, or if Mr. Guac Pop hired Grapefruit Rosemary for a summer internship. I like to think that whatever personalities each Pop might have, they’d all be able to find some common ground, exist as one cohesive Pop community, and learn to use their differences for good.