Love is in the...CHOCOLATE!

I’m a sucker for overly romantic, on the brink of cheesy, almost too cute musical serenades. When my mom wouldn’t stop playing her Rod Stewart album of love songs, I didn’t objet. For as long as I can remember I’ve made playlists on my computer with titles like “Too Mushy” or “Love Train” featuring Al Green, Otis Redding and Ella Fitzgerald. I love the back-and-forth sway I inevitably fall into when listening to Only Fools Rush In by Elvis and the smile I can’t keep off my face when Bruno Mars’ Just The Way You Are comes on. I’ve found some amazing Songza playlists that hit the mark for my romantic musical needs (“Pop Serenades”, “Parked at the Point: Oldies Love Ballads”, “A Valentine from Justin”, and “Rustic Outdoor Wedding”) which you can be sure you’ll hear if you stop into Pleasant Pops on Valentine’s Day this year. 

Since the music is only the first part to setting the mood, we’ve got some decadent gift ideas for you to share with your Valentine, your Galentine, or yourself this February 14th. As our newest product in the shop, and one of DC’s most recent additions to the food scene, Undone Chocolate has created an amazing product. Using organic, 70% cacao beans, the dark chocolate bars are all hand crafted using the finest beans sourced from small producers. The husband and wife team behind Undone Chocolate, Adam and Kristen Kavalier, have created three unique bars so far, each one more delicious than the last. “Nourish” is the most straight forward of the bars, with only two ingredients: organic cacao and organic cane sugar. “Replenish” uses the same chocolate with added himalayan pink salt. Finally, “Arouse” has the original dark chocolate base with added cinnamon, cardamom and chili combining “into an antioxidant rich sexy blend to stimulate, excite and stoke your fire” (Undone Chocolate’s description, to which I wholeheartedly agree). 

The bars, which sell for $7.00 each, can easily be enjoyed over many days as the chocolate is so rich and delicious, though indulging in a full bar in one sitting is totally possible, and encouraged. Though we have several other adorable gifts for that special someone (who knows, maybe your Valentine is really into Kombucha or Kimchi), we have made some special, limited edition milk chocolate Hot Pops which are shaped like hearts and decorated with red sprinkles. We’ll be serving them behind the counter leading up to February 14 and have them for sale in to-go 2-packs in the store now. 

Get your playlist in order (I highly recommend The Way You Look Tonight by Tony Bennet and Cry to Me by Solomon Burke)*, pick up some Undone Chocolate and stir up some love with our Hot Pops this Valentine’s Day!

*D’angelo is always, always recommended.