10 types of customers

We’ve been doing some soul searching lately at Pleasant Pops. We know we’re in the Pop business, always have been and always will be. When we opened the cafe two and a half years ago, it was a deliberate choice to enter the coffee game and as our vegetarian menu developed we inevitably threw our hat into the lunch and dinner arena as well. With our top-notch croissants in the morning, our free (and usually reliable) wifi all (week)day long, and the curated market area in the shop, we wear many hats and play in many food/drink/treat/lifestyle games. 

Sometimes this can be confusing, where to put our resources, how to describe what we do to first time customers and where to start when training new staff. I’ve decided the best place to begin, the place all these industries meet, is in the business of people. We are chatting with folks all day long, explaining our products, asking about their days, giving directions and complimenting their awesome boots. This week’s blog will take a look at 10 types of customers we see on a daily basis. Which one are you?

The Best Friend

our greeting: “Heyyyyy”

customer’s tagline: “Text me when you’re out”

customer’s order: Whatever’s easiest and you feel like making.

The Uber Regular

our greeting: “The usual?”

customer’s tagline: “Yes, the usual”

customer’s order: Whatever they got yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that.

The Tourist

our greeting: “Welcome to Pleasant Pops. Cold/Hot enough for ya out there?”

customer’s tagline: “What do you guys do here? And how we get to The White House?”

customer’s oder: Strawberry Ginger Lemonade Pop, a bottle of water and a hand-written map of walking to The White House.

The Supreme Court Justice

our greeting: “Oh, hello”

customer’s tagline: “Just the eggs”

customer’s order: A dozen eggs.

The Kid with his/her allowance

our greeting: “That’s a cool backpack”

customer’s tagline: “Is $10 enough for a cookie and a hot pop?”

customer’s order: The most chocolatey, gooey cookie available.

The Newbie

our greeting: “Hey, how’s it going? Welcome!”

customer’s tagline: “This is my first time here. Is there a password for the wifi?”

customer’s order: A cappuccino. With soy, if you have it. Or almond! Do you have almond? An almond cappuccino would be amazing.

The First Date

our greeting: “Hey there. How’s your night going?”

customer’s tagline: “I hear the hot pops are awesome. Can you explain what hot pops are? Get whatever you want, it’s on me”

customer’s order: One Mexican chocolate hot pop and one almond milk dirty chai. And A LOT of awkward giggling

The College Classmate

our greeting: “How’s it going?”

customer’s tagline: “Are Roger or Brian here?”

customer’s order: A regular coffee. And a note saying they stopped by to say Hi. 

The picky, yet persistent, eater

our greeting: “What can we get you today?”

customer’s tagline: “Give me a minute to decide.”

customer’s order: The Dijon Sprout Salad, but instead of sprouts can I have kale, and instead of parmesan can I have cheddar, and instead of walnuts can I have pumpkin seeds. With just oil and vinegar. Oh, also, a large, single-shot, decaf, almond milk, vanilla latte. With extra foam.

The adorable, scruffy, thirsty puppy

our greeting: “Oh my goodness you’re so sweet, but you have to stay outside. But I’ll come outside to say hi.”

customer’s tagline: Heavy breathing and excited tail wagging.

customer’s order: One million puppy pops, please.