Time to get CAFFEINATED!

One of the longstanding myths about coffee is that the amount of caffeine goes up as the roast gets darker. Though there’s much ongoing controversy on this very subject, the truth of the matter is that a dark roast coffee will certainly pack a bolder flavor but not more caffeine. If anything, a lighter roast coffee, which spends less time being roasted, could contain slightly more caffeine than a dark roast coffee (the roasting process can burn off some caffeine.) Many believe that the caffeine level of the coffee bean stays consistent throughout the entire roasting process, and all that is changing is the color, texture and flavor of the bean. A lightly roasted coffee bean will have more of the original flavors based from the variety, soil, altitude and weather conditions where the beans were grown. As the roasting continues, the bean absorbs more of the “roast flavor” which can add a more intense taste but will inevitable make it harder to distinguish the beans’ origin. All this being said, our coffee (light, medium or dark) will give you a caffeine boost, so picking between them is up to you and your taste buds. 

As I alluded to in the New Years Resolution blog post, we have started offering two drip coffees every morning. Both our medium and dark roast drip coffees are from Ceremony Coffee Roasters who operate out of Annapolis, Maryland. We’ve continued serving the Brazil Cerrado Gold as our medium roast coffee, described to have “snickers bar aromatics”. It’s a “full body coffee with a mellow orange acidity” which we’ve been serving as our drip coffee since we opened our cafe doors two and a half years ago. The beans, which come from the Daterra Estate in Brazil, are lightly roasted through a natural process and brew a coffee with a “complex-but-not-complicated flavor.”

When we decided to offer a second drip it was clear we wanted to go dark, and have therefore started brewing Ceremony’s Antithesis, a bean which can be used for either espresso or coffee. “This blend offers a darker roast profile that pushes several degrees beyond [Ceremony’s] espresso profiles, introducing roast and smoke characteristics”. As a drip coffee, the flavor is bold and aggressive. Though milk lightens the flavor, the Antithesis is an amazing cup of coffee on it’s own. I’ve been thrilled to start my mornings with a mug of Antithesis, looking both for the inevitable caffeine boost as well as the shocking burst of flavor in each sip. 

In the next few months we’re excited to continue discovering new coffees and work towards improving our discerning palates. Soon we’ll start brewing Ceremony’s Colombia Tolima Gaitana (with “chocolate doughnut aromatics[,] brown sugar and walnut” flavors) as our medium roast coffee. Though flavor is certainly personal, especially when it comes to your first cup of coffee in the morning, I encourage you to give our new coffees a try and work on building your own coffee palate along with us!