Our partnership with Bakehouse


At both of our shops, you'll notice fresh baked pastries every day. We pride ourselves on having delicious fresh baked goods for you to enjoy each morning. We serve fresh cheddar, chive, black pepper biscuits, croissants, rotating seasonal scones and a wide variety of cookies. If you've ever stopped to read our signs instead of just ordering by looking at the delicious pastries themselves, you'd know that while we bake everything fresh- our dough comes to us from Bakehouse, our friends and neighbors at 14th and T St. NW.

When we first started looking for a bakery partner we obviously needed to work with a local and delicious bakery but we were also intrigued by the store of Niall and Lindsay who got their start baking on South Georgia Island in the in the Southern Atlantic Ocean while working at a museum that was a stop for Antartic cruise ships. How cool is that? Like us, Niall and Lindsay didn't have experience running a food business but they have succeeded and run an awesome coffee shop and bake shop just about halfway between our 2 stores. 

Every week we are excited to see what flavor of scones they are making for us (flavors change weekly and seasonally) and for the mountains of delicious cookie dough the we receive. Everything is made from scratch and is of course delicious. To learn more about Bakehouse check out their website: