Menu changes at both shops

Here at Pleasant Pops, seasonality has always been important to us. We started as a business only selling pops at the Mt. Pleasant Farmers' Market and clearly 5 years and 2 stores later sell much more than just pops. We still take fresh, local and seasonal into account and change our cafe menu every month or so at our Adams Morgan store.

We also take feedback into account as our two shops are both neighborhood locations where we have lots of regulars who provide lots of feedback on what we sell and who are constantly telling us what to add to our menus. As of the beginning of December we've made some menu changes to incorporate the feedback that we heard most often.

At our Adams Morgan shop:

We now serve half salads! You've been asking and now we are doing it. You can order any one of our salads in 2 sizes as a full salad or as a side salad.

We now serve Grilled Cheese and soup combos. Grilled Cheese has always been our most popular winter weather menu item and it pairs well with our constantly rotating soup list. We've decided based on your advice to just go ahead and add a Grilled Cheese and soup combo.

At our downtown shop:

You've asked for more lunch food items that aren't just snacks. We are now serving individual quiches from Paisley Fig as well as 3 pre-made salads that are made and delivered from our Adams Morgan shop.

Thanks for all of your support and if you have more suggestions- don't be shy and let us know.