Hot Chocolate Pops are back!

Fall is bittersweet here at Pleasant Pops. The days are shorter, we are making fewer pops, and we big adieu to a bunch of awesome employees who leave to go start at college in the fall.

However, we also bring back our housemade Pumpkin syrup, our grilled cheese and hot soups and of course get to bust out our favorite flannel shirts. These are all great but the best part of the fall at Pleasant Pops has to be our Hot Chocolate Pops.

Our hot chocolate pops are housemade at our Adams Morgan location and are super concentrated chocolate on a stick that melt when you stir them around in hot milk to become the ultimate DIY hot chocolate. Hot chocolate pops come in 3 flavors: Milk Chocolate with Marshmallows, Dark Chocolate (Vegan) and our somewhat spicy Mexican Chocolate. Hot Chocolate Pops are now 4 years old and have become a seasonal tradition in Adams Morgan that we are excited to now bring to our downtown location this year.

So come by Pleasant Pops, let us make you a hot chocolate pop to warm you up on a cold day or buy a 2 pack as a holiday gift or host gift when you go to a dinner party.