New Year, New Menu!

During my last semester of college, I was faced with the all-too-common terror of questioning “what’s next”? Though my degree in contemporary philosophy and sociology would inevitably bring me to this very popsicle shop, it was unclear at the time how to set off on my independent journey. First, I thought, I should go abroad. Maybe Southern France, where my mom had spent some crucial time as a 20-something and where I could work on a lavender farm and eat croissants all day. It quickly occurred to me that this may be easier said than done. My next thought was to stick closer to home (which was Canada at the time) and travel west to my second cousin’s home on Salt Spring Island off the coast of British Columbia. Though they had nothing to do with lavender, the main crop was alfalfa sprouts, I was convinced that this was the life for me. All that being said, I ended up in Boston, living two blocks from Whole Foods and working at a stroller store. Though I never did get my hands on those Canadian sprouts, I’m thrilled to see them on the Pleasant Pops lunch and dinner menu, in one of five new items.

With the return of an old favorite soup, an updated salad, and three new sandwiches, our 2015 winter menu is awesome. The Butternut Curry Soup, back by popular staff demand, has a lovely hint of spice from both the curry and the cayenne. Served with some toasted wheat roll, it’s a very comforting treat on a January afternoon. The Sweet Potato & Apple Salad is another beautiful item on the menu. Sitting atop a bed of arugula and kale, we add chopped apples, roasted rosemary sweet potatoes, a scoop of quinoa and some lemon-red pepper flake dressing. As a totally vegan and gluten free option, it’s quite filling and very healthy. 

IMG_6289 (1).JPG

For the sandwiches, we’ve developed some amazing options. Using our homemade romesco sauce, originally used on our Roasted Cauliflower sandwich, we’ve created the Romesco & Swiss Sandwich. With melted swiss Emmental cheese on our favorite multigrain bread we add a spread of romesco (a tomato sauce made with almonds, red peppers and just a hint of spice) and a handful of arugula. Consider it a shmancy, grownup grilled cheese. Our newest peanut butter sandwich is the Peanut Butter Honey Apple (quite self explanatory). Finally, the Avocado & Sprout Sandwich is a-mazing. On a toasted wheat roll we spread a layer of honey mustard, half of an avocado, a bunch of alfalfa sprouts, some pickled red onions and, my favorite, crushed up Route 11 Sweet Potato chips (for that much needed crunch factor). 

The final change to our menu is the Roasted Squash & Beet Salad. Sounds new, but yes, it is just the Fall Salad existing in the winter. Sorry to confuse you.