Cheer Spreading! Spreading Cheer! Hooray!

Call me a wimp, a coward, a no-good-scaredy-cat, but I am terrified of city biking. As an avid walker, and occasional driver, I feel like my non-biking perspective is quite well rounded. I am simultaneously bothered by those who bike recklessly on the road and those who bike illegally on the sidewalk (for the record, the sidewalk riding is much worse). All this being said, I am totally on board with safe city riding (helmet and reflectors at all times please) and am often jealous of those who ride through the DC streets with ease. It must be great to weave through traffic, to ride from lunch on 14th street to a movie downtown in minutes, not to mention how fun it would be to decorate a helmet with stickers and pick out an adorable basket to carry home flowers and baguettes. Maybe one day I’ll join my many friends who ride, and until then I’ll have to show my bike-love through Pleasant Pops and our annual Cheer Spreading campaign. 

                                                     Aaron, and his beautiful bike

Last winter, during the inevitable post-holiday winter blues, we put our heads together at Pleasant Pops and came up with a strategy for lifting up our customers’ gloomy spirits. Knowing how many of our loyal customers commute by bike, even during the cruddiest weather, we decided that they deserved some neighborly compassion. And so our Cheer Cards were born! Taking time out of their barista or kitchen shifts, each employee at Pleasant Pops spends some time during January and February walking around our neighborhood attaching Cheer Cards to parked bikes. Each card gives the biker an abstract pat-on-the-back (“We just LOVE what we’re seeing: groovy bike, brave winter rider. Good for you!” or “Hey you, with the bike! You’re biking? In the winter?? You must be freezing!”) and a follow up offer for a FREE coffee or hot tea at Pleasant Pops. 

Though bikers might be the chilliest of all the DC commuters out there, our sympathies this time of year ring strong for many. Therefore we decided to expand our giving to include car owners who return to find a ticket on their parked car. Womp womp. These cards (“Well shucks, we’re bummed about your ticket too!”) offer the same cup of coffee or hot tea to the recipient. I know this campaign seems to be excluding those walking commuters who, like me, appreciate the simplicity of traveling on foot, but our time will come. Until then, bikers of the Adams Morgan/Kalorama/U-Street area be on the lookout for a Cheer Card on your bike handles! For more, check out these articles spreading the love! 

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